I have been engaged by Yarm 1914 on a project commemorating World War One. I will be working in four primary schools so now is probably as good a time as any to start blogging again. 

We will remember them…….

All Poppies

How are you all in your dream-world of Morpheus?
Do you sleep on beds of poppy seeds
oblivious to heartache and pain?
I hope so.  I see each of you whole again.

Dormant for a century, my digging
has burst you into life.  The herb of joy
has healed you; bright scarlet resurrected you
in my heart.  You are alive – in my mind’s eye.

For four years you were the magic flowers
suspended between good and evil, light and dark,
now you are the uncles, fathers, brothers and sons
you used to be.  You played a game of two halves
nobody won, yet you speak together in tongues.

When Aphrodite cried for her lost love
poppies sprung up from her tears.
I’m crying for you – each and every one;
trying to fill all the fields after a hundred years.

(Maureen Almond)

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